Book Reviews

Caves and Tunnels in South East England Part 10

Chelsea Speleological Society Records Vol 20 1992
H Pearman, paperback, £5.00.

Yet another collection of underground sites around the south east. These range from Ragstone Mines at Maidstone through Deneholes to the long lost 'Preamatic Railway' Tunnels at Crystal Palace. An interesting collection, athough the disused Pedestrian Subway at New Addington must surely be taking the definition of a cave a bit too far!

Proceedings of the UBSS Vol 19 No 1

Proceedings of the UBSS Vol 19 No 1 1991
Paperback, £5.00.

The latest in this long running and superbly produced series of journals has plenty of interest. There is an interesting article on recent discoveries in Goughs Cave, a description of the Grebe Swallet Mine at Charterhouse which was reopened in 1982, and a useful update on recent discoveries in County Clare. Unfortunately, there are no credits for the discovery of Poll Dearg by CCC/Kent Trogs.

Allan Ockenden