Mites and Tites

BROMLEY GROUND OPENS UP: That was the headline in the Bromley & Chislehurst News on Wednesday 14 March 1990. It continues, "The ground literally opened up and swallowed a German student as she was entering a pub in Bromley". As club member, Ray Walker, reports, "the papers describe the hole which appeared as being "a 20ft deep well". A friend who went to assist the person who fell into it said it was "about 20ft to 25ft deep with smooth mud or sandy walls". The hole had previously been capped by concrete paving slabs which gave way causing the person to fall into the hole, sustaining a broken arm. The hole was filled in with concrete grouting and sealed with a reinforced cap within 24 hours.

CALLAUN 1: In Co Clare, Ireland, has been extended by Colin Bunce. On a rare trip to the third pitch (being done on this occasion to give trainees experience of pitch rigging but usually missed out on the 'tourist' trips because it simply ends in bedding on a chert level) he noticed a small (hands and knees sized) passage just before the top of the pitch on the left hand side. About 15-20 yards along this passage a 15ft pitch was reached. This was free climbed to a bedding plane passage with chert but blocked by cobbles. A low crawl leads on, picking up a stream again, for at least 30 yards past some more partial blockages. It appears to be enlarging but has not yet (at January 1991) been explored to its limit. This passage and pitch are not on the survey and Colin is sure that they have not been explored previously.