Croydon Caving Club Library

Croydon Caving Club has an extensive library of caving books, magazines, periodicals, surveys, etc. However only a small minority of club members make use of this facility. In order to try to increase awareness, a list of books and section headings was circulated to members with the minutes of the 27th AGM in March 1991. A list of the entries under section 1A (Derbyshire) is given below. Further details will be published in subsequent editions of Pelobates.

1A Derbyshire

1A/001 Caves of Derbyshire T D Ford Dalesman 3rd edition 1974
1A/060 Derbyshire Sump Index T D Ford Cave Diving Group1968
1A/115 Derbyshire's Treasures Derbyshire County Council
1A/116 Cresswell Crags - Picknic Site and Visitor Centre
1A/117 Nottingham Cave Tours Broad Marsh Centre (Drury Hill Caves)
1A/118 Peak District Ordnance Survey Tourist Map 1963 1 inch to 1 mile
1A/122 Peak District Ordnance Survey Tourist Map 1963 1 inch to 1 mile
1A/143 Limestones and Caves of the Peak District
Editor Trevor Ford Geo Abstacts Ltd 1977
1A/170 The Peak/Speedwell System Survey 1981 Grade 2-5 (Rolled)
1A/171 Castleton and Edale Geological Survey Sheet SK18 1969 2.5 inch to 1 mile
1A/172 Extract from 'Caves of Derbyshire' Nettle Pot (on acetate)
1A/173 Knotlow Cavern/Hillocks Mine Survey (Sketch)
1A/174 Carleswark Cavern Survey B King BCRA Grade 1-5
1A/175 P8 Jackpot Survey
1A/176 Giants Hole/Oxlow Cavern Survey
1A/177 Layby Pot Survey Eldon Pothole Club June 1973
1A/178 Streaks Pot Description and Survey
Tech Speleo Group Newsletter No 9 April 1981
1A/190 Cresswell Crags: Visitor Centre Research Report No 1
The Archaeological Caves and Rock Shelters in the Cresswell Crags Areas R D S Jenkinson 1978
1A/191 Cresswell Crags: Visitor Centre Research Report No 2
The Discovery and Geophysical Survey of New Archaelogical Caves in Cresswell Crags Cliff Samson and RDS Jenkinson 1979
1A/195 Dudley Tunnel Guide Book
1A/200 Eldon Hole Survey
1A/201 Carleswark Cavern Survey
1A/202 P8 Jackpot Survey BSA 1967

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