Family Weekend At Godre Pentre

Dramatis Personae: Brian & Lesley Ashmore + 2 children, Simon & Dinah Bhanchflower + 2 children, and a guest appearance by Charlie Peacock and family

The first weekend in August was designated a family weekend at the cottage. Although the turn-out was low we all had a good time and (is this a record?) everybody went underground.

Saturday morning was spent throwing stones at the River Mellte. After lunch Charlie Peacock and his family. called at the cottage and led off an expedition to Porth-yr-Ogof. By taking turns with hats, lamps and torches' even the toddlers got a taste of caving. In the evening,1 between showers, we had a happy barbeque.

On Saturday morning our family visited Dan-yr-Ogof as tourists before returning home.

We intend to arrange another family weekend next year and hope more people will be able to come.

Dinah Blanchflower