To the 95th edition of Pelobates which has once again been produced to appear in time for the Club's AGM. It provides a good overview of some of the Club members' activities in the past year, ranging from a weekend in the Forest of Dean, explorations of cave and mine systems and general Club news.

Some of you who study these things carefully may notice that there are slightly fewer articles than last year. However, closer inspection will reveal that they are both longer and far more detailed. Adrian has produced an excellent article on Cwm Porth Cavern, complete with some fantastic survey maps, and Siriol's contribution on Oakeley Slate Mines (accompanied by Pete's stunning photography) is a joy to read.

Humour was a thread running through the last publication and I hope you will not be disappointed by our Chairman Eric's contribution. I never knew how talented he was at parodying Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It should either get you reading the aforesaid gentlemen or sampling the humorous delights of caving. I am personally, as a former student of English Literature, greatly looking forward to his take on 'The Ancient Mariner'.

I am very grateful to all those who have contributed to the current magazine with news, articles and photographs. What a talented bunch we have at Croydon. Let's make the 96th edition even better by continuing to be active and to share this with other Club members.

Have a wonderful caving, walking, socialising and pubbing 2018.

Linda Wickham