Despite scurrilous suggestions in another organ, Pelobates has not undegone a charge of policy in respect of its frequency of publication. Unfortunately, the year which has elapsed since publication of Pelobetes 47 has seen an increase in the domestic commitments of your Editor which have prevented him from being able to fulfil the undertaking to ensure quarterly publicatlon. However, now that the hiatus is passed, I hope we can see a return to more frequent, and regular, publication during 1986.

A casualty of the interruption in publication has been that material which has been submitted to me during the past year which has since lost its topicality. Amongst this was a letter from Dave Kay concerning the Club's participation in the "Adopt-a-Cave" scheme. This had been seen as a positive contribution which the Club could make to the 1985 National Cave Conservation Year. It may be that, with the attention of members necessarily concentrated on other matters last year, our commitment to our two adopted caves was perhaps somewhat less than it might have been.

However, the requirement for cave conservation does not disappear with the passing of a designated year. Perhaps the adoption of two such important caves as Little Neath River Cave and Porth yr Ogof was a little ambitious for a Club with limited resources; however, it should not really be beyond our capabilities to extend a reasonable standard of guardlanship to what are, after all, Croydon Caving Club's most significant, and frequently visited, "local" caves. We are the Club actually on the spot, aa it were, so, if not us, who else is lilely to take on the responsibility?

Another casualty in 1985 was the Club's somewhat grandiose plan to celebrate its 21st birthday with a series of special events. Although few of these planned events came to fruition, there is little doubt that the Club his come of age. The acquisition, and subsequent availability to cavers of Godre Pentre is probably the most important event in the Club's history. 0ur gratitude must go to those members who have made it possible; much more than gratitude is now needed to ensure the continuing success of Godre Pentre as a centre for caving South Wales. We now need money, and lots of it, A number of halfheartred attempts at fund-raising within the Club have been made in the past. Now the need is very much for the real thing. The Club needs original ideas, and someone with the energy and commitment to carry them through so that our debt to those members who have secured the purchase of Godre Pentre can be honoured at the earliest possible date.

Paul Selby