Cottage News - May 1999

A mountain bike for the cottage has been acquired for a small fee and is now chained up in the shed -ask me for the key. User are expected to clean it after use and to carry out minor repairs e.g. punctures etc. We reserve the right to charge for gross abuse or loss e.g. buckled wheels or wrecked gear system. Users should note that it can slip gears sometimes and that it is your responsibility to ensure that brakes etc are functioning and to report defects to the Cottage Warden.


The SCLF have started to consider our application and an answer should come in the next few months. If we get the go ahead members will be needed for a considerable amount of preparation work to move the shed out of the way etc .You will be contacted when required!


Pillow cases/cleanish pillows.


Contrary to the caving calendar there wasn't going to be a working week (unless we get the go ahead for the extension) as I have done the repainting etc at Xmas/Easter, however it would be helpful if the main users of the snorers annexe would spend a bit of time giving it a complete clean and repaint as this hasn't been done for about 5 years and there is now a substantial deposit of debris around and under the mattresses. Also due to my shoulder injury taking a long time to get better I would appreciate some help to relime the top of the end wall.

The Cottage is missing 3 or 4 Krabs that went on a Pant Mawr trip last November and never got returned, please return them if they have got into your kit. These were of dubious origin anyway and have been used for winch boulders out of digs! (though you could argue that this was a good form of test)

Please note that it not general Club policy to provide karabiners/Maillons for use with equipment such as ladders/ropes as they often don't come back. You should therefore carry several so that a group will generally be able to come up with sufficient for your trip.