Mites and Tites

Letters to the editor:-


Please can you publish the following corrections to Pelobates No 77 in the next magazine:

1. The front cover photo was actually taken in Faunarooska Cave, not Poll-na-Gollum as stated.

2. Family membership subscriptions for 1999 have increased from 12.50 to 15.00.

3. I believe the Wealden skittle challenge stood at 2 all, not 3-2 to us as I indicated in my article, at the end of last year. However, as you know, Wealdon regained their winning streak this year, and the score now stands at 3-2 to them. I believe they currently hold the prestigious Wealdon vs Croydon Skittles Trophy!

4. The post-AGM party last year was hosted by Richard Vidler, not Adrian Paniwnyk. However, the hint must have worked as Adrian did indeed entertain us after this year's AGM.

Steve Wray

-Consider it done …. Ed

Editor's note: In the last edition of Pelobates - Chris Fry furnished us with a conundrum, a solution was promised - alas due to various circumstances - we cannot bring to you the solution. However here is some light music and a couple of additional items.

Simon Davies

The Editor,

27th February 1999

Dear Sir,

I think that Paul Stacey has written the most accurate account of cave surveying yet published. (This is, of course, completely different from an account of the most accurate cave surveying yet published!) However he omitted one important detail: the person with the tape should have the word "RIGHT" written on the glove he or she wears on his or her left hand and the word "LEFT" on the glove worn on the right hand. This eliminates all those silly conversations along the lines of "When you say right do you mean my right or your right?" which occur when the lead surveyor and tape-person are facing one another. For this strategy to work it does, of course, require that you do not employ to hold the tape the sort of person who asks questions like "When you say right do you mean my nominative right or my actual right?" Given the academic qualifications of Croydon members which you noted in your editorial, it might be difficult to get people of the right calibre for this important job.

Yours &c.

Martin Hatton

P.S. Thanks for Pelobates 77. Unfortunately page 6 was blank. Could you perhaps send me a copy of just that page sometime? Thanks.

And now a word from our 'sponsors' ....

It seems that a certain member of the Club has been running a nice little earner on the side abroad. Seen in Canada the following is all the evidence I think we need to un-wrap the truth.

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