Simon Davies

A relaxed editorWell well well, here we go again. My massive thanks to those who have contributed to this magazine and the following have not. They promised, however taking a lead from New Labour I am naming and shaming the guilty parties. If you see them you should feel free to remonstrate with the idle layabouts. This editor will not be sold out, the peoples Pelobates cannot be subverted.


Actually Steve did give me a book review, but that does not count.

A vote of thanks must go to Chris Howes, who not only attended our Christmas dinner and judged the photo competition, but also took photos and sent them on disk.

Below there is a special article written by the retiring chairman, Chris Fry about the proposed cottage extension. Please read as the future of the club is dependent on a fully informed debate.

We are also - you may note trying a colour cover, the editor appeals for quality scanned images - colour or black and white. My only regret is that the subject could have been Terri Hatcher or Pamela Anderson instead of the current model - oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

Enjoy the latest edition which contains highlights of trips to Slovenia and to Peru - with a little bit of controversy and a spot of Draenen. As ever the editor appeals for more material - I doubt any one will take any notice , they never have in the past.

Simon Davies