1997 Caving Diary

LAST UPDATED 18 September 2000

So here is my final diary with all those amendments made at the last committee meeting in Wales. An items of note being the AGM (hint, hint!) in January. Remember, don't moan about how the club is run if you don't attend!

For those of you trying to get me on my old work number - forget it! I've moved location again and no-longer have an easy contact number at work. The best way to contact me is call my mobile on XXXX-XXXXXX and leave a message and contact number.

It is unlikely that I'll be writing the diary next year and my successor will review it shortly after the AGM in January and hopefully add to it.

( ) - denotes a bank holiday


14 (Wed) Closing time for proposals for the AGM agenda (Before 8pm).
31-1feb (Sat) It's the AGM once again! See elsewhere in Pelobates for times and details.


14-15 (I don't think you need any ideas this weekend!)
21-22 Perhaps this weekend will deliver a fine trip to Portland where there are plenty of fine caves just waiting to be ticked off. Annoy Paul Stacey for details or to confirm the date.




Trip to Ireland, probably staying in Doolin.


Has anyone a great idea of where to go this year?
Mendips trip probably staying at the Shepton Hut


1-2 Eric & Fiona's Wedding… You'd better not double book!
8-9 KOF's weekend, that's Knackered Old Farts weekend to those younger members, continuing until the following weekend (15-16). See Alan Ockenden for details.


Weekend after bonfire night


1st Weekend for dinner


This years AGM will be in the Swan and Sugarloaf at 4pm Sat 31st Jan 1998

REMEMBER: For those of you that live near the Swan & Sugarloaf but don't usually attend except for indoor meets this is when a lot of other trips are organised that are not on the diary. If you attend there are occasionally rare last minute trips or even holidays on offer. No attendance means no opportunity!



Feb 15 Chippy Wood
Mar 15 Training day - Chippy Wood
April 5 Chippy Wood
May 10 Box Mines Wiltshire - Dave Thompson
June 7 Chippy Wood
September 6 Vince Allkins
October 4 Chippy Wood
Nov 15 Training day - Ron Smith
Dec 6 Ron Smith

Ron and Chippy assure us that you need a torch but a helmet is provided. Trips go from 10 till 4 with a lunch break for the culinary minded. Contact numbers are below.

Customise your WINDOWS 95!

During bit of a boring evening I have designed a set of screens to replace the standard Win95 start-up and shutdown screens. If you want a copy give me a call and I'll send them to you on 3.5" diskette in exchange for a replacement one. The disk comes complete with a self install and uninstall program so don't worry about all the technical stuff. At last get rid of those 'Shutting Down' messages and have something a little better instead!