The oil tank is showing signs of leaking / rusting so we are going to replace it with a plastic one when the current fill of oil is used, which is likely to be around April-march. There may therefore be a period when the oil boiler will not be operational, in this case we will have to revert to using the coal boiler, this is unlikely to be as effective as it was originally due to the additional thermal mass of water contained within the oil boiler circuit. It will also be essential to ensure that the right hand side switch on the pump control box (below the cupboard) is moved down to activate the CH pump thermoswitch as there is now a motorised valve preventing thermosiphoning around the radiators.
Failure to do so WILL result in the system boiling when the hot water tank has warmed up, which can get pretty scary!

There is also the problem of what to do with the old tank- suggestions receive so far involve cutting a door in the side and using it for storing/containing, 1/ large vicious dogs 2/large snoring persons 3/largely drunk or evil smelling offensive persons (not enough room for them all) , please send me any further ideas also suggestions as to how you cut a hole in it without detonating the oil fumes!


Upright Hoover -must have height adjuster, pressure cooker ( or the lid of the old one!).


Any more tables or inflammable foam mattresses/cushions etc. (please)


You have had at least 6 months to come up with a design for the extension and only one has been done (i.e. mine) so if you don't like the result don't blame me. This is printed overleaf and as you will see is at a conceptual stage and requires detailed drawing up by an experienced person for submission for planning and quantity surveying. We may pay a local S. Wales consultant to do this as he will be know the local regulations and would be on hand to sort out any difficulties.

The design contains 2 WC`s,2 showers, workshop, library, changing area, drying cupboard (under the stairs),a room for storage/equipment etc. The extension is 4M wide, which is probably all that we can afford or that would look acceptable. What I have tried to do is minimise the space used by the stairs and door openings in order to maximise the useful area, I also kept the joint wall clear to preserve options over connection to the original building.

It is probable that the design will have to be changed to meet building regulations or structural needs and I also have no idea how much it will cost.