Due to the disappearance of the "emergency key" last summer the cottage lock will be changed at Whitsun (24/25 May)

Your old key will be exchanged free of charge for an existing one, if you haven't got it there will be a £1 deposit for a new one. The doors/windows will also be modified so that they can't be opened by other means..


The cottage week planned for June will also include some Cottage maintenance i.e. repaint front and end outside walls, clean up kitchen, paint where necessary. This should take less than a day if we can get half a dozen on to it and ensures that we don't get it to the sordid state that you find in some club huts!

Please also note that I should be always be contacted to get a key if you don't have one or know that others are going to be there as there are some periods when no one else is expected You won't get one from the neighbours who have on several occasions rung me up asking if the occupants are authorized or have broken in. If I don't know who it is I obviously have a difficult decision to make as to whether to call the Police! If you haven't been able to contact me mention my name to Selwyn or Terry to reassure them. Also a reminder not to leave cash in the Cottage, this has happened twice recently, fortunately the groups in afterwards have been honest enough to add it to their cheques.

Personal items and kit often get left in the cottage and if it has a name on it I then know it belongs to a member and secure it and let them know -if it doesn't I put it in the box in the cupboard by the big fire where you will find it if lucky!

The oil tank is showing incipient signs of failure and will require replacing next year, also the dryer unit is in bad way as the refrigerant pump is reluctant to start taking sometimes about 35 minutes.


High value motor run capacitors (250 w v).Scaffolding bars (short),manhole covers, fitted sheets and pillow cases, upright vac (must have height adjuster).Generator (even if it doesn't work).Curtains for front room. Old tools, wood screws etc., 250 gal oil tank ,dehumidifier.


George and Sarah Pankiewicz have taken over the running of the library and are holding a Library open day on Sat July 12. Contact GP or SP for details.

Chris Crowley