Godre Pentre Jamboree - 1997

How do you fancy a fun-filled week at Godre Pentre in 1997? I have suggested to the committee that for the Whitsun Week in 1997 we should all descend upon Godre Pentre for a week of various organised - and perhaps not so organised - activities. Highlights could include, but not be restricted to:-

Caving Related

Other Activity


Unusual Caving Trips


Cinema Visit

Digging Projects

Pony Trekking

Curry Night

Cave Projects


Water Park

Cave Conservation

Mountain Biking

Coal Mine Visit

Surveying Workshop

Dingy Sailing

Distillery Visit

Photographic Workshop

Long Distance Walks

Silly Games

Underground Treasure Hunt

Nature Walk

Film/Video/Slide shows

SRT Training

Cottage maintenance

"Classic" Trips

Lamp maintenance workshop



Since the New Inn tends not to open mid-week it has been suggested that several barrels could be provided to see us through the week.

Please bear in mind that this will only work if you, the members, are prepared to come forward and take on the organisation of an event that interests you. Hopefully between now and next Whitsun we can prepare a reasonably firm programme for advance publishing in Pelobates.

Chris Crowley has informed that there will be plenty of odd-jobs to do on Godre Pentre in case any of us are stuck for ideas, so please be prepared to help look after the Club cottage also.

I have already had volunteers to organise SRT training, lamp maintenance workshops and photographic workshops. What can YOU offer?

If you wish to volunteer or give a firm notice of support please contact myself or a committee member.

Chris Fry