The more perceptive amongst our members will notice several changes in this, the latest, edition of Pelobates. Primarily, there has been a change in editor of this august publication. Steve was fed up with editing the usual burnt offerings received, and persuaded me to take up the reins. Steve's will be a hard act to follow. Under his stewardship, the quality of both the articles and the production of Pelobates increased immeasurably. While this is a function of both the contributors and the use of information technology, it does require the careful guidance of the editor.

The temptation of a new editor is to toy with new ideas and presentation formats. To start with I am trying out some new fonts, if only to see if it can assist the reproduction process. Please let me know about your ideas and suggestions. A usual the magazine will be a measure of the productivity of the membership. A magazine can only publish material received, therefore please get tapping and get those articles in.

I would prefer the articles to come in electronic format. Preferably MS-Word V6.0 or above, though I can receive articles that are typed in ASCII format or WP5+ If you are going to include pictures, JPEG or PCD encapsulation is preferable. Please try to resist the temptation to scribble them in illegible scrawl. Having said that, with there being a shortage of articles, beggars can't be choosers ! The editor can now be E-mailed on "XXX_at_XXX.co.uk" take care to omit the quotes when addressing

Since the last edition of Pelobates there have been several significant changes in the club committee. Personally, I believe that the rotation of club committee members keeps up the energy levels of the club.

Simon Davies