Book Review


ISBN 0 9522660 0 8

Many of you will no doubt be aware that Wealden Cave and Mine Society have taken on the task of operating the Baron's Cave, beneath Reigate Castle, as an ocassional show-cave. As part of the preperations a considerable amount of research has been undertaken in order that a fair representation may be given to the General Public and also to collate what few references to the caves as are known to exist. By popular public request Peter Burgess has at last published what must be the (only?) definitive guide to the cave, complete with 10 B+W photographs and 2 surveys. I was personally impressed by the quality of presentation.

The booklet is very readable for anyone with a passing interest in the cave, and covers the known history of the castle itself, Myths and theories relating to the cave, previous use as a show-cave or local attraction, and a detailed description of the cave as it can be observed today. Some 7 references are listed.

At the cover price of £1.75 I am sure that this publication will sell well as a souvenir to current day visitors and should appeal to those interested in local history or collectors of underground ephemrera alike. The booklet can be obtained from the author direct or Matthew Clarke for the price of £2 including postage.

Chris Fry