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Croydon Caving Club has an extensive library of caving books, magazines, periodicals, surveys, etc. A list of the entries under sections 17A (Morocco), 18A (Yugoslavia), 19A (Africa), 20A (Peru), 21A (New Zealand), 22A (Java), 23A (Hungary), 24A (Romania), 25A (Malaysia) and 26A (Himalayas) is given below. Further details will be published in subsequent editions of Pelobates.

17A Morocco

17A/104 Maroc 69 - Exeter University Speleological Society

18A Yugoslavia

18A/105 The Skocjan Caves Near Divaca, Slovenia, Yugoslavia
18A/106 Krizna Jama (The Krizna Cave)
18A/107 Vilenca and Dimnice Caves
18A/108 The Postojna Caves - Dr France Habe - 1981
18A/109 The Postojna Caves (in English) - Dr France Habe - 1981
18A/150 Nase Jame - 1965
18A/151 Porocila - ACTA Carsologia - 1970

19A Africa

19A/111/ZA Zambia - Map of Katangah Rocks Outcrop - Prepared: A C Ockenden
19A/112/BO The Cryptic Caves at Cwihaba - Alec Campbell - Botswana Vol 1 No 1 - April 1974
19A/113/SA Journey to the Bowels of the Earth - Charles Norman - Personality No 16 - May 1975
19A/121/SA Cango Caves - Survey

20A Peru

20A/001 Southampton University Exploration Society - Peru Trip Report

21A New Zealand

21A/001 Waitomo (Glow-Worm Cave, Aranui Cave, Ruakun Cave and surrounding area) - Rodney Smith - Times Printers, Singapore - 1980

22A Java

22A/001 Java's Cave Dam - Extract from World Water - May 1982

23A Hungary

23A/050 Karst and Cave (Karset is Barlang) - Special Issue - Hungarian Speleological Society

24A Romania

24A/100 Pestera Sura Mare, Ohaba Ponor, Huneddara - Survey - Joint British Universities Speleological Expedition 68-69

25A Malaysia

25A/050 Caves of Mulu 84 - The Limestone Caves of the Gunong Mulu National Park, Sarawak

26A Himalayas

26A/002 Speleological Expedition to the Himalaya - 1976