Mites and Tites

Various club members have conjectured that one day, with a profundity of TV channels, more and more obscure activities might be telivised such as live digging! Whilst perusing a recent PC games magazine I thought perhaps we were a step nearer when I chanced upon a forthcoming game, inspired by Steven Spielberg no less, entitled "The Dig". This will be a CD-ROM based graphic adventure which accepts such commands as "examine hole". Sounds reasonable you might think - shame its set on another planet though! It will be available around Christmas. Anyone fancy a review?

Whilst pulling down the tiling in the cottage kitchen at Easter between about 4ft and 7ft from the floor:

"Chris, why is this wall lined with earth?"

"That's not earth - it's the old lime mortar with a bit of dirt mixed in."

10 minutes later...

"Chris, what's this earthworm doing in the wall?"

Pelobates 60 featured a poem about digging Ogof Cul on Pant Mawr. Following a short letter in Descent, the author submitted this to a publisher on the lookout for poems of a caving or climbing theme. Well, apparently its been accepted and will feature in a book called "simple pleasures". The underground press has learnt that royalties will be payable and these will be transferred appropriately to the Cave Development Fund. Before you all rush out and hire JCBs etc, please bear in mind that approximately 0.2p/book will be payable!

A certain Croydon mole recently overheard a latterday digger pronounce:

"I think I'll have to paint my helmet green."

Another clue to the individual in question - well he seems to have fingers of a similar colour too!