Deer Cave - Extracted from the Godre Pentre Log Book

4 October 1992
Mynydd-y-Garn - Adrian Paniwnyk & Paul Stacey

Cave prospecting in the presence of thousands of walkers who seem to have woken up to the new access arrangements. Relocated cave near trig point found on last visit - possibly Ogof Pioden. This cave definately deserves to receive some digging attention and I shall return.

Initially failed to locate other cave entrance near to above cave, so wandered off accross the moor looking for other likely sites. Little found - this area seems exceptionally devoid of caves or potential dig sites.

Eventually found missing cave and descended. This cave has obviously received much digging attention and all leads have been pushed to conclusion.

31 October 1992
Mynydd-y-Garn - Adrian Paniwnyk

Digging session near caves located on 4 October 1992. After approx one hour digging, bottom of dig started falling away into hole below quite dramatically. Further half hour digging revealed gap with view of small chamber. Not prepared to push squeeze into chamber by myself. There seems to be pitch/drop off to one side of chamber. This one is definately worth returning to.

6 December 1992
Mynydd-y-Garn - Adrian Paniwnyk

Dug at shakehole close to site visited on 31 October 1992. After approx 1 hour digging, bottom of shakehole started to slump away on one side and rumbling sound of rocks falling reasonable distance below heard. This site possesses a draught and also a solid roof!

21 December 1992
Mynydd-y-Garn - Adrian Paniwnyk & Paul Stacey

Return to holes examined on 31 October 1992 and 6 December 1992.

Deer Cave: Approx 20m.

Wriggle down entrance on bed of small loose (run-in) blocks to stooping/walking size passage. Quickly ends in mud fill but two tubes continue. Dig in left hand one easy and an extension may be gained with more work. Dig in base of entrance rubble slope resulted in fine bone fragment of a (deer?) antler being found.

Cave of the Little Day: Approx 10m.

Entrance similar to the above but more 'thrutchy'. Medium sized chamber with glacial fill ends soon in right hand branch. Left hand draughting and after a dig, a voice connection to a nearby shakehole was obtained.

27 December 1992
Deer Cave - Adrian Paniwnyk

Return made to dig choked tube. Approx one body length of progress made. Airspace continues and roof appears to rise ahead. Small water worn pebbles found which obviously indicates stream below.

3 January 1993
Deer Cave - Paul Stacey and Adrian Paniwnyk

After aborting another surface dig nearby, we returned to Deer Cave. Started dig around wall on entrance. After about one hour, a crawl big enough to grovel through was excavated leading to a small low chamber. A passage 1.5m wide x 1m high (at start) rapidly gets low, but not narrower, to a sandy dig. This was attacked for a short while and about 2m of progress was made. A further 3-4m can be seen continuing low but very diggable (a trowel and baking tray would be the ideal digging equipment).

9 January 1993
Deer Cave - Paul Stacey & Adrian Paniwnyk

Return to dig of 3 January 1993. Widened and deepened crawl for 4m towards digging face and then proceeded forwards beyond previous limit of exploration for about 2m. We now have view along 3-4m plus of similar passage, but more digging necessary. Digging is easy - sand and pebbles punctuated by occassional small blocks - draughting?

19 January 1993
Deer Cave - Paul Stacey, Adrian Paniwnyk & Andy Todd

Excellent progress approx 3m forward. Three people now ideal as crawl is about 30ft long and bucket needs help round a bend. View of bedding still OK ahead (3m plus) and draught still present. Easy going.

31 January 1993
Deer Cave - Andy Todd, Adrian Paniwnyk & Paul Stacey

Dug it a bit more. Approx 40ft long now.

27 March 1993
Mynyyd-y-Garn - Martin Hatton & Chris Crowley

Investigated Ogof Pioden - horrible. Then Deer Cave - even worse!

Adrian Paniwnyk
Paul Stacey