Cottage News

A wood burning stove has been bought (new!) and is now fully operational- instructions are on a card by the stove ,it is proving pretty effective at heating the main room but please ensure that the glass is clean before you light it as it may crack if it is used when very blackened (in fact it has cracked) , also try and either bring some bits of wood with you or collect some from the forest to replace what you use.

There is a new spin dryer in the shed (the old one had rusted away) thanks to Adrian Clark -who also found us a new loo to replace the frost damaged one in the shed, we have also repaired the shed.

Another mower has also been aquired which doesn't belch smoke and is easier to start.

The committee will consider raising the fees (probably by 50p) as rising costs for elec/gas/oil combined with reduced usage mean that we are struggling to break even. Terry next door has managed to pursuade the owners of the field at the back to sell him a strip of land so we are investigating whether they will sell us our bit , this would enable us to extend to the rear and also give room for additional car parking.

Chris Crowley