To the 94th edition of Pelobates which has been produced to coincide with the Club's AGM at the end of this month. It is a varied collection of articles, ranging from the first impressions of a novice caver, reports on Club events, various trip writeups and quite a bit of humour.

I am very grateful to all those who have contributed to the production of this magazine by providing articles and to Annette for kindly allowing me to use some of her wonderful photographs. Also a special thank you to Bernard for providing assistance with the layout and for doing the IT stuff.

I am aiming to produce the 95th edition of Pelobates in time for the Christmas Dinner, but in order to do that I need you, the members, to keep the articles, photographs etc. coming in. So if you are going on a trip, attending an event or just want to write an article related to caving or the Club, it would be very welcome. Until then, have a great caving, walking, canoeing and socialising - whatever takes your fancy – year.

Linda Wickham, Editor

Linda Wickham