Cottage News

Although it. now getting difficult to think of much else to do to the cottage (apart from a complete rebuild!) there are still a few things on which we could do with a hand. One of these is the stream at the side of the cottage. This has filled up with gravel over the years so that the water is now as high as the back door. Although I have written to the council asking them to come and dig it out they have refused. We have done some clearing out of the streambed but further work is still required if the finished job is to last a reasonable length of time.

We also need a few things; mattresses are probably the most urgently required as several are rapidly falling apart - these must be less than 2'8" wide 6'-6'6" long - skips are usually a good place to find these (but don't take the smelly ones - Ed.) Large dinner plates are also needed.

Green shield stamps are back again and there are some useful items in the catalogue such as kettles which switch off, toasters and plates for about 3-4 books. It would be nice to have these things as new, rather than having to repair them ourselves, so if you have got any stamps that you would normally throw away pass them on to me and we should soon get a few books.

Finally, if you have bundles of old newspapers or magazines etc. or small firewood please bring them down to the cottage as they burn well in the large fire which helps to keep the walls dry.