Mites and Tites

GOOD DEEDS sometimes pay off. . . At Easter 1988 in addition to the major exploration a few members of the Croydon trip to Ireland entered another cave in the next shakehole east of Poll Dearg (Mites & Tites in Pelobates 53 obliquely refers). About 8m in a shaft of at least 5m depth was located. This could not be explored by us because of lack of time so we told WSG of its location. WSG Newsletter No.55 records that at the bottom of a 7 1/2 m pitch there was "the most disgusting muddy crawl I've ever been in." The N/L does not record the length but 200m (or was it feet?) has been spoken of. A full report is promised in a forthcoming WSG Bulletin.

THE CLUB CHAIRMAN has requested that Pelobates make it quite clear that he is not the P.S. referred to on page 3. Since that P.S. is clearly suffering such speleophilia that he is "mainlining" on real, active caving the editor cannot believe that anyone could have mistaken him for the Chairman.

PWLL PINDAR is the name of a new cave discovered by WSG towards the end of May. It is about 200m long mostly of quite well decorated fossil passage. Parts are good walking size old streamway and parts low, bedding plane wriggles. Entry is via a 12m dug shaft. The top part is retained by scaffolding but for the lower part a ladder is required. There is another em shaft towards the east end of the cave. The cave can be found close to the second track which leads away south of the ruined Pant Mawr Farm. Please replace the cover after visits. For those of you struggling with the Welsh - Pindar comes from the name of a pub frequented by some WSG members.

IF, when you tipped out your caving gear in the SWCC changing room at Penwyllt white lacey suspender belt fell out how would you explain it? All suggestions in a plain brown envelope to Martyn Pickering please.

I THOUGHT Chris Fry's. publicity agent had been more than earning his fee when I saw Chris's face in THREE photographs in the Autumn edition of Caves and Caving - two for his participation in the exploration of Poll Dearg, Co.Clare and one, with Chris Grimmet, for his discovery of Magnunihöhle, Austria. But then, when I saw the cover of the August/September issue of Descent, I realised that HUGH PENNEY was number one in the celebrity stakes. I have no doubt that both of these gentlemen would be prepared to autograph copies of the appropriate magazine - for a small donation to the cottage fund of course. Anyway, its good to see the Club and its members getting some well deserved publicity at long last.

NO PRIZES are offered for correctly guessing the rat who produced the doggeral on page 2, however you too could gain enemies for life if you could produce something similar on this years committee.