So You Think There's Nothing Going On?

Recent work by members of Croydon Caving Club in association with some of SWCC and Cardiff have resulted in the discovery of three caves in our area totalling approximately 2000ft of new passage (at the moment). Before any of these finds can be properly presented many jobs require completing which are briefly outlined below. If you fancy taking on or assisting in any of these contact the Club members indicated for information or guidance.

1) Ogof Hebog I. Located on Pant Mawr approximately half a mile south of the Pot. Current length about 200ft+. Further digging essential. Largely unsurveyed. Photographic record required. (JY/CF/PS)

2) Ogof Hebog II. Located l30m from Ogof Hebog I. Approximately l50ft long with sizeable passage and a decorated chamber require photographing. A short extension requires surveying. Persistant digging of sand-filled passages could yield further finds. (JY/CF/AP/PS)

3) Ogof Igam-Ogam. An unrecorded open entrance in the Neath valley leads via 220ft of low passage to the first of three sumps dived by Malcolm Stewart. Approximately i400ft of passage has been discovered beyond by lowering all three sumps using pumps and siphons. A fourth sump currently marks the end. (AP/MS/PS)

In addition to the above the following projects are worth considering: -

1) A phreatic tube at the base of Pwll-y-Ryhd requires digging out. It is possible that an extension similar to the White Lady II extension may be accessed. (JY/CF)

2) The small cave within Pwll-y-Rhyd can be followed for some 200ft and possibly further, and to our knowledge has never been surveyed.

3) Pwll Derwen (10 minutes walk from Brdige Cave) was re-opened last November and requires surveying. So far as we can ascertain this was never completed by the original discoverers. (JY/CF/CG)

4) Ogof Cul has yet to be pushed to a conclusion. Although major cave engineering will be required to gain access to "OCS". (JY/CF/PS)


CF - Chris Fry,
CG - Chris Grimmet,
AP - Adrian Paniwnyk,
PS - Paul Stacey,
MS - Malcolm Stewart,
JY - Jon Young

Chris Fry