The Saga Of Queen Victoria's Piano

The recollections of the earliest days of Croydon C C in Pelobates 50 coincided with something of a nostalgic journey for me. Together these brought back the memory of an event which has, to the best of my knowledge, not been previously recorded.

The nostalgic journey began when John haddock, who was introduced to caving by CCC and is now a member of the MCG, held a party in his new home at Easton on Mendip. Going by the direct route via very narrow lanes to the Queen Victoria Inn at Priddy I retraced the route of an epic journey made one very foggy night many years ago.

Just at closing time the barmaid told everyone individually not to take the rather unusual tankards; at which one bright member asked if we could take anything else then. The well built bar maid looked at this member thoughtfully and said "Yes I should think so." Our rather canny member first looked at the bar maid and then cast his eyes all round the bar until they settled on the piano, he said "What about the piano?" and on the word "Yes" six members had that piano out of the pub door and were trying to force it into the coach. By removing a seat and the door stop and a lot of brute force, the piano being 1" wider than the door, we now had the only coach with installed piano.

We were camping above a layby in Burrington Cooabe but by turning the wrong way out of the car park in the thick fog, the journey back to the camp site was made via Wookey Hole and Cheddar Gorge to the sounds of the Moonlight Sonata from the piano and much riotous singing from those not wishing to hear it.

The editor would be pleased to receive other articles about the early days of the Club. Many stories have become part of the Club's folklore but it would be interesting to have first hand accounts for the written record.

Dave Hodby