Some Digging Observations

Isn't it just typical that every time we embark upon a digging operation in South Wales we always seem to traipse some considerable distance loaded down with digging tools and other paraphenalia to arrive at the site full of enthusiasm and begin work with great gusto - but after an hour or more some obstacle or difficulty is encountered for which we never seem to have the ideal bit of kit. This would not be so bad if the item in question were available back at the cottage awaiting collection but it is often the case that it simply is not available to us that weekend. This may lead to one of the following situations:-

(a) The rate of progress diminishes to the point that the participants lose interest in the dig, sometimes permanently.

(b) An inappropriate course of action is taken, possibly endangering the stability of the dig (or even the health of those present II)

(c) The dig is 'shelved' until such time as the vital items are obtained. Depending upon many diverse factors ( such as heavy rainfall, onset of winter, change in attitude of landowner, change of diggers personal circumstances etc. this may endanger the dig or result in total abandonment.

Clearly, by increasing the number and range of digging tools and associated gear we could increase the chances of finding new cave. Our current range of kit isn't bad but it is not uncommon for it to wear out, break, get buried or even lost.

Please keep your eyes open for the following items in junk shops, jumble sales, skips, the bottom of granny's garden etc.:-

(1) Shovels: Long, Short, Narrow, Coal, etc.
(2) Buckets: Steel, Plastic, Canvas, Children's, etc.
(3) Trowels: Gardening, Bricklaying, etc.
(4) Picks: Any size or type.
(5) Cold Chisels: Short, Long, Very Long !!
(6) Pulleys: Single, Double, Locking, etc.
(7) Hammers: Club, Sledge, etc.
(8) Crowbars: Any size or type.
(9) Accro's: Any length.
(10) Scaffolding poles and clamps.
(11) Hoses: Garden, Fire, Flexible plastic, etc.
(12) Any item that doesn't fit categories 1-11 !!

Remember that items such as picks, shovels, and mallets can always have a new handle fitted if necessary for minimal outlay and look out for really obscure sizes, shapes or types. These are the ones that you inevitably need sooner or later.

Chris Fry