Cottage News Feb 2020

A new(!) electric cooker has been bought and installed and the old gas one scrapped.

If you use it please keep it clean, especially the grill tray, which should never be put on the bottom level as there is a heating element there. Also don’t let the rings overheat as there is likely a safety cut out that will trip the power ! In the long run it is intended to move to all electric cooking due to safety issues over gas usage and the need to keep changing expensive gas bottles . As we only have a 60 amp supply it has been necessary to disconnect the electric shower inside the cottage (the one outside works OK).

There has been a big improvement in the cottage finances due to the removal of a significant ‘expenditure’ item, thanks to a lot of hard work by Paul Stacey, so we may be spending money on other new things!

I don’t think I’m likely to be able to get firewood as I have been able for the last few years, so if you have any available, please bring it to the cottage.


Please note that we may be hosting a Kent University reunion at Easter as many of our members came from there. This is yet to be confirmed.

Chris Crowley