Trips 2022

Pelobates 99

Trips are starting to increase to, if not beyond, a pre-pandemic frequency. Here's a summary of some highlights from 2022 courtesy of Carl Gibbs:

February, South Wales - Carl, Ian, Dave, Helen, Paul, Adrian and "Helen's mate" - Daren Cilau - round trip to Pagoda and Urchin Oxbow and up the Antlers Passage.

March, Mendips - Carl and Dave - Rhino Rift.

March, Devon - Carl, James, Henry, Ian, Lucy, Harry, Helen - Penwrecker Mine.

May, Yorkshire - Carl, Henry, Dave, Ben, "Ben's mate", Andrey, "Andrey's mate" - Bar Pot to Gaping Gill main chamber, Alum Pot, Lower and Upper Long Churn, Diccan Pot.

August, South Wales - Carl, Jo, Katy, James, Henry, Ian, Lucy, Harry, Helen, Eric, Fiona, Catriona, Dave - Cave Fest: Much drinking was had plus Aggie, Shakespeare's Cave

September, Mendips - Ian, Harry, Arwen, Paul, Chris, Carl, Henry - St Cuthbert's Swallet, Fairy Quarry Cave, Hunters Lodge Inn Sink, GB Cave

November, South Wales - many members - Fireworks

December, South Wales - many members - Annual Dinner

December, South Wales - many members - New Year

December, South Wales - Carl, Ben, Dave, Henry - OFD to Pendulum Passage dropping the 70ft for the first time in many years; Pant Mawr ladder the main shaft, much rain and water!

James Thorne