Cottage News

Godre Pentre updates from Chris

The inside toilet has been "enhanced" by Charlie using mostly donated materials and a double-glazed window has been installed in the back upstairs.

Owing to the cost of the gas bottles and "safety" rules the gas cooking system will be closed down when the current bottle runs out. We will be getting a plug-in induction hob which will be quicker and more efficient than than the solid rings but will only work with certain (magnetic) pans, which will be marked probably with red paint. We will try this out for a while - if you want to cook on gas you can always bring your own burner to use and we could possibly set up the large burner outside. The cost of electricity is now astronomical so try not to use the oven too much e.g. for plate warming, use hot water!

We have reviewed the fire equipment and have fitted a combined carbon monoxide and smoke 10-year battery alarm in the main room and will be putting a heat alarm in the kitchen. There has been some concern about the unsupervised charging of lithium battery powered devices (especially in the sleeping areas) so we will be minimising the sockets in the main building; please charge these devices on the shelves in the shed.

We've had some issues with guests (mostly nonmembers) not having cash to pay for fees on club weekends and saying they are going to post the money to our account. I don't have access to the club account and so don't know if they have done so please make sure you have money with you (amounts <£20 are OK to post).

We've had some discussion about building a side extension and have concluded that we need to avoid putting in a planning application but could do a "permitted development" which as we are in the national park has to be a single storey under 3m wide. This would have two toilets/showers, an external entrance and kit storage/changing/drying (to be decided). This will be complex as it will be necessary to get rid of the rail shed and put up a replacement for the workshop which will likely take at least a year [assuming we can get some help from club members!]. Additionally, it will be necessary to have a new oil boiler, revise the mains water and drainage layout etc. We are currently assessing if we have the funds for this.

We seem to have had a visit from the cottage inspector (see below)!

We had a great time at the hut. Please see below for some comments:

- The electric oven is a big improvement on the old gas one.

- We did not use gas at all so did not turn it on or off. We did not smell gas.

- The microwave looks to be faulty - the rotating plate does not spin, making it pretty much impossible to use. Lack of any large microwaveable container did not help either. ;)

- We washed a large number of items in the kitchen as it seems over lockdown many had bugs and general grime in/on them.

- I removed a small package of rice left on the counter in the kitchen to avoid rodent infestation.

- I love the front door key on a string!

- The drying room is pretty effective - especially with the use of the spinner first.

- When we arrived the water to the outbuilding was turned on and the shower (the fixed showerhead) was dripping. It wasn't until sunday when I finally figured out how to make it stop (had to turn the large knob on the wall REALLY hard) - it may be worth isolating that one, since the electric unit is the one in use.

- At some point over the weekend the overflow pipework on the toilet cistern became separated, and because the filler valve is not shutting off fully the little cupboard became a bit waterlogged, and the bathroom floor turned into a bit of a mess...

- I used a piece of wire to stop the pieces coming apart, but it will continue to overflow if the floatvalve is not fixed.

- I shut off and drained the water in the outbuilding before we left.

- I also shut off the water in the main building, as well as the power.

- We were very thankful for the two blankets we found under the bottom bunk. Another two would have had takers too if they were available ;)

- We struggled to locate the signing in book. (did eventually) It may be an idea to give it a permanent home...

- There is an unopened letter to Croydon CC on the windowsil.

So please don't leave rice for mice!

I seem to remember staying in a little hut at Whernside Manor once and when we went to the bunk area we found a 3 inch blanket of snow blown over our sleeping bags -but then we was `ard in them days! (how did their ancestors survive the ice age?)

Normally this particular club has bee notable for the wheelbarrows of cans and bottles we've had to take for the recycling!

Chris Crowley