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Committee 2014

Elected at the March AGM have a new editor, caving secretary, librarian and new members secretary:

Many thanks to Neil, Annette and everyone who helped prepare an excellent meal after the AGM!


Cottage Warden's Report 2014

The cottage had a successful year with a healthy operating surplus.  Five new mattresses were bought and two ‘new’ fridges were acquired (thanks to Neil Montgomery and Andy Todd).  A key safe system was installed for access and has proved successful, saving admin time and postage costs.

The roof slates on the back roof are in a dire state and need replacing as a matter of urgency.  We have 400 originals that could be used to re-roof the dormer window. Perhaps we could buy a couple of crates of fibre slates to do the rest of the roof.

If anyone has a decent 9" window fan going spare, ideally a Vent Axia, we need one for the kitchen as the previous one died.

Also, does anyone have an old satellite dish they don't need (cottage long range WiFi)?


Cottage Warden's Report 2013

During the last year I have finished off the floor renovation and installed 2 new radiators with TRV`s –this has improved the thermal comfort of the main room and appears to have reduced the oil usage a bit .

Godre Pentre has been popular with visiting climbing and canoeing clubs but hasn’t had that much use from university caving clubs which mostly seem to stay at SWCC.

The charge rates have stayed the same for a number of years and SWCC charges £2 more than we do; energy costs have gone up at least 30 % so I will propose putting up the fees at the AGM.

At an AGM 3 years ago we agreed to approach the owner of the land at the back to see if we could purchase a strip of field similar to our neighbour Terry so we could have a rear extension with another loo and shower. We eventually managed to discuss this issue with the owner's representative – he however is asking too much (for us anyway) – we are hoping this is part of a negotiating strategy and that he will eventually agree to a more realistic price (this is moving the right way as previously they wouldn’t agree to sell it at all !). If it becomes clear that there won’t be progress on this I will look at reviving the extension plan as there is also a need to make the Club archive and library accessible.

Local News

  • Following cliff face inspections, Porth yr Ogof was closed on the 8th April to remove some loose boulders above the entrance. See
  • The New Inn is currently closed, but reopening shortly under new management.


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