Diary 2014

Hi All,

As most of you are probably completely unaware, I had the misfortune to be elected as the new caving secretary.  There will be a number of people down at the cottage over Easter with plenty of caving opportunities. Please feel free to share your suggestions for trips. If you only want to go down OFD there are plenty of routes other than the obvious. I have recently been to both the Sky Hook Series and Haydens Dig. Members will also be down for the first May Bank Holiday.

Fiona and I will host a Devon trip over the weekend of 6-8 June. I am open to suggestions of caves but would suggest Pridhamsleigh for Saturday as I am the only member of my family who hasn't been down there.

Chris Crowley has also kindly offered to host a weekend in the Forest of Dean - dates to be confirmed.

June 27-29 is the much anticipated 50th anniversary bash at Baskerville Hall. Plenty of caves within easy reach.

KOF weekend 4-6 July at Godre Pentre.

Wessex Caving Club has been booked for a family weekend 5-7 September. Booking essential.


August 22 - 25:  Bank Holiday weekend, Godre Pentre

November 7 - 9: Bonfire weekend, Godre Pentre

Is anyone interested in either a family weekend at Godre Pentre or trips further afield- Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Ireland, Belgium? Please let me know where and when.

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Eric Downer