Caving Diary 1996

Here are a few initial dates for events this year. If anyone has any comments on these or events not included please call me (Richard Vidler) on 0181-710-4105 between 9am and 5pm Mon.-Fri.
( ) denotes a bank holiday


13 INDOOR MEET: Underground Photography by Nick Catford
23-24 Saturday permit for Slaughter Stream Cave. Contact Richard Vidler if interested.
Also this weekend on 23rd Vinny Allkins is organising a trip down CHISLEHURST CAVES. He needs at least 20 people to make the trip possible so give him a call on 01883-344005 to book your place.
A Porth-Yr-Ogof practice rescue is to be held this weekend. If there are any willing bodies out there contact Chris Crowley for further information.


(5)-6-7-(8) S.WALESÞYORKSHIRE 5th-14th. Start this pleasant weekend in the comfort of Godre Pentre before heading off to Yorkshire for the rest of the following week. (Accommodation in Yorkshire yet to be decided).
Committee meeting to be held on Sunday 7th.
13-14 This weekend is the finale to the Yorkshire week, so if you fancy some vertical passages for a change join us up north! (Also see previous week.)


4-5-(6) Lucky Dip Caving in South Wales! A weekend of random caving trips with people you may never have gone caving with before! This may include DYO allowing for permits and weather. Contact Richard Vidler or Chris Crowley if interested.
8 INDOOR MEET: Clive Gardener on Cave Diving
25-26-(27) Bar-B-Que. weekend (Eric Downer) with potential for a DYO trip to be organised by Adrian.


8-9 MENDIP WEEKEND.. Yes it's the first programmed visit to the home of muddy and squalid caves. Accommodation will probably be at Shepton.
19 SRT and ladder practice to be held at Shirley Church Road. Contact Chippy Wood for further inf. This is also an excellent opportunity for all of you to improve your rope work, it's not just for the freshers!
??-?? COTTAGE WEEK- Exact date to be decided. IGAM OGAM?, Digging, cottage maintenance. Contact C. Crowley if interested. Adrian is also interested in going pot bashing down Theoretical Pot with a KANGO!!! Contact Adrian if you are interested in this activity.


10 INDOOR MEET: Fisht 95 expedition in Russia by Adrian and Richard. TBC
13-14 Sunday permit for Otter Hole. Contact Richard Vidler if interested.


24-25-(26) OFD 1 trip with Chris C., also it's time for a clean-up trip down Porth-Yr-Ogof.


11 OUTDOOR/INDOOR MEET: Reigate Tunnel Road East (and West?).


??-?? Freshers trip to Yorkshire with ULSA. Caves include Sunset Hole, Great Douke & Roaring. For the more experienced there's Black Shiver, Meregill etc.
19-20 Second MENDIP trip of the year (organised by me anyway...), this time the accommodation will hopefully be The Bull Terrier pub in Croscombe. This is a weekend of staying in a 15th century FREE HOUSE only 20 minutes drive from Priddy. If wanted meals can be laid on for a fee yet to be agreed.


??-?? Fire works weekend. Dates yet to be agreed with Village Cricket Club.
13 INDOOR MEET: Graham Christian on SECRO / Cave electronics


7-8 Come Saturday night for the annual dinner in the New Inn.....yummy yummy! If any of you have been busy with your camera this is also the date for this year's PHOTO COMPETITION. Details will be published in Pelobates later in the year.

Other ideas yet to be added to the calendar...

· Trip to Mendips (stay at Shepton? - Charterhouse, St Cuthberts)
· Trip to Derbyshire (stay at TSG?X See Helen, try Buxton instead?)
· Devon Weekend
· Craig-yr-Ffynnon (SP? - Sue & Dave)
· Ogof Draenen (Adrian to organise?)


For those interested in these trips please call Chippy Wood (0181-647-9961) or me for further information. Except for the Box Mines trip on May 19th these are all novice trips, perhaps good for anyone thinking of joining who hasn't been caving before..... (These trips are all Sundays.)
MERSTHAM MINES February 18, March 24, April 28, June 2, September 8, October 6, November 10, December 1


Richard Vidler has, via ULSA contacts, gained access to some nice permits:-

14/04/96 Penyghent Pot
02/05/96 Lonkin East / Rift
04/05/96 Burks Fell
09/05/96 See 02/05/96
18/05/96 Hammer / Gingling

Richard Vidler