Cottage News

Chris Crowley

Although the recent cold weather seems to have wrought havoc with other cottages in Wales ours seems to have suffered unscathed apart from the gutters getting a bit twisted from the snow.

If there is enough support I can organise a week in June /July for a bit of cottage maintenance/caving/walking.

jobs that will need doing are:-put in new gate post, re-lime end wall, clean kitchen, general repainting-though these are all jobs that could be done at weekends.

Items Wanted

upright vac (must have height adjust),fridge-in reasonable condition, submersible pump, generator, kango hammer, petrol lawn mower

Outdoor / Indoor Meet

Vince Allkins

The next indoor /outdoor meet will be at the infamous Chislehurst caves. For details please contact Vince Allkins. The cost will be £4.00 for adults and £2.00 for children. This does promise to be an extra special trip with the usual tourist areas avoided and a "bullshit" free trip.

Local News

Tania Davies

Private company Central Railway Plc. is proposing a new 180 mile freight an passenger line from the Midlands to the Channel Tunnel. From the midlands it will use the dismantled former Great Central Railway between Leicester and Princes Risborough and the existing south Marleybone line from Princes Risborough to Acton, and will then run adjacent to the West London line to Olympia and into a new tunnel to Clapham. The route continues to Croydon and through the North Downs until it reaches the line at Coulsdon between Redhill and Tonbridge. East of Tonbridge railway track will be built beside the existing main line to the portal of the Channel Tunnel. Hence this will pass through parts of the South East and have a tunnel under a section of the Hooley area between Purley and the M23. This area has been heavily mined and quarried in the past with some infilling over more recent years. There is local concern about this project and local mining and research groups are concerned by the threat both to the mines and to the water table. It is likely that Central Railway Plc will be putting forward its proposals for planning permission during 1996. The following is a summary of a letter written to the Croydon Advertiser on the subject - printed on 19 January 1996

"The filing of their devastating proposal to the Ministry of Transport is imminent: that ill considered proposal to wreck the environment of Croydon in general with half-mile long trains, whose extra wide rolling stock will carry lorries, every ten minutes, 24 hours a day, with a speed of between 70 - 100 mph through the city of Croydon. It is noted that no other town along the proposed route of these new lines will suffer the level of blight Croydon will, if these plans are allowed to go ahead. Croydon Council along with another 30 Councils along the route oppose Central Railway's plans. However, we as individual and as a local club involved with protecting the environment also need independently to oppose this proposal by writing to the Ministry of Transport, Sir George Young within 42 days of public notice (in the press) of the application by Central Railway."

If you feel strongly enough against this proposal please advise our Committee who will be able to contact local groups and put forward additional opposition on our behalf to help protect our local environment, mines and quarries from this continues vibration and change.

Library News

Tania Davies

The following books and newsletters have been ordered for the library.

Caves of South Wales 2 Copies
Tim Stratford 4th Edition 1995 Softback
ISBN 1871890039 £8.95 each

This book is the latest update, it has been 9 years since the last edition. In that 9 years there has been considerable findings of new passages within South Wales. The layout of this guide has been improved making it easy to use. It has been divided into sections each with their own map showing entrances and the nearest roads and villages/towns. Like all guides there are some anomalies, however like all guide books this one is already out of date with the extensions of Ogof Draenen and the discovery of Ogof Tarddiad Rhymney.

National Caving Association
Numbers 22 - 27 £3.00

International Caver
Issue 15 £2.80

Please contact the librarian if you have any requests for the library of if you wish to donate historic books or books of interest.